Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Open for Business

The inspiration for my entering blogdom today comes from several sources: middle age (soon to be 44), an impending doctor's appt. to discuss high blood pressure and my good friend Tiger's seemingly therapeutic (?) benefit from his own blog. Now understand I have virtually no experience with this blog stuff except reading my friend's on a daily basis so if along the way I commit some horrible blogging faux pax, I certainly wouldn't mind some guidance so feel free.

I have always been rather nostalgic and find myself drifting backwards in time when I hear some sort fo reference from music or TV or whatever. So what I intend to do is to record some history here and see where it goes. I find myself as time goes on forgetting some of the things that I have easily recalled in the past so maybe this will help reinforce things in my long term memory. If you were in college, this course would be The History of Rick Spring (1963- present); understanding of course that the classroom would be empty cause who would take such a course?, of course. Here's the 1st question that I offer: If you can remember a memory that you've forgotten, have you truly forgotten it????

In any case, I will post these on a semi-daily basis more or less as the occasion rises. Feel free to interact if the urge comes upon you but I do this mainly as a way to counteract the effects of my recently recognized mortality.

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Charles "Tiger" Edwards said...

Glad to see that the Prof is up and running with his own blog. Welcome to the blogisphere.

Viva the Professor
Peace Out